That Vegan Teacher’ on TikTok Is Toxic to Vegans Everywhere

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Vegan teacher or dictator?

That vegan teacher on TikTok is someone whom I once looked up to. Miss Kadie — a primary school teacher turned self-proclaimed animal rights activist first emerged onto the platform in 2020 — after being encouraged by her friends who said:

‘This is a really great platform for you Kadie (that vegan teacher) since you care so deeply about animals and you love to sing as well!’

For those of you who are unaware, @thatveganteacher is a creator on TikTok who advocates for the rights of animals.

As her username suggests, her primary focus is on promoting a vegan diet.

I’m all for her proactive attitude. I respect it. It’s refreshing to see someone with so much life experience under their belt adapting to the current trends and becoming a staple amongst the vegan creators.

Kadie has also shared some of her life before joining Tik-Tok. She says that she was a nurse for many years and a nursery school teacher soon after.

Her rise to fame is largely due to her controversial ways of promoting her message. Her videos are littered with profanity. I’ve only seen about 20 videos in which she hasn’t said the word F*ck multiple times.

Her passion is admirable. My only issue is her delivery. Her use of profanity and blatant disregard for people’s religious beliefs is appalling.

Not to mention the fact that she has not yet addressed hate from naysayers who claim that they cannot be vegan as it is simply not a feasible option due to their health condition.

@that_vegan_teacher_tiktok on Instagram!

Her videos have become the target of massive amounts of internet trolling. Many popular content creators have bashed her claims that ‘everyone should be vegan’ . Popular phrases that have caused her to be the center of controversies are

‘ Why the f*ck aren’t you vegan yet’ ,‘don’t eat cats, don’t eat cows’ and ‘meat is murder’.

Kadie’s use of catchy melodies create infectious rhythms that keep me coming back for more, even if I don’t always agree with her tactics.

Let’s face it — TikTok is a platform full of children. I’m all for teaching children healthy habits and providing them with information about all types of diets. But the type of scare-tactics that the vegan teacher uses seek to almost guilt you into becoming vegan rather than making that choice as a result of conscious and deep self-reflection.

Recently, people petitioned for TikTok to remove Kadie from the platform. The petition titled:

‘Ban @thatveganteacher, she shows no sympathy for fallen victims of veganism’ says that

This careless vegan teacher named on TikTok (that vegan teacher) is forcing people to quit their religions because of veganism.

I would say petitions like this are absolutely ludicrous. No one is going to abandon their religion based on the tunes of a woman on TikTok. However, that vegan teacher is somewhat of a preacher.

She has videos in which she explicitly says that you should re-think your religious beliefs based the religions attitudes towards animals. This would be a fair moral argument.

I would say that telling anyone that they should change their religion is something that no one should do. Religion is a personal thing, just like choosing to be vegan is a deep personal choice. Lets not normalise enforcing our views onto everyone with profanity. This video highlights some messages that are highly controversial.

@thatveganteacher says you should ‘change your religion like you change your underwear”

I do believe that Katy’s only intention is to spread positivity and promote a vegan lifestyle, even if i don’t agree with her scare tactics.

Other petitions people have started in response to Katy’s videos are


The petition that now has over 23000 signatures says that

‘That Vegan Teacher FROM TIKTOK IS FORCING HER DOG BELLA TO BE VEGAN’ and must be stopped!

Dogs are natural carnivores! Biologically they have teeth and a digestive system that has been scientifically proven to be fit for meat consumption.

Chatter in the animal rights twitter threads are divided on the ethical nature of depriving a dog — a natural carnivoir of meat in order to save other animals. Truly a debate for the ages!

Kadie was unfortunately once again critisized for terminating her organ donor status. She says,

“I always talked about the importance of signing our organ donor cards, but this year, for the first time in my life, I’ve decided not to sign it,”

She justified her decision by saying,

“I realised how despicable society is, how many evil people are out there… I’ve decided there’s no way on earth I want any of you to ever get my organs if I die.”

Response to this video has been overwhelmingly negative with comments such as,

“Thank you for condemning someone to death because of a bunch of ‘evil people’,” and “Tell that to the next child who needs a new organ.”

I too was dissapointed in Kadie’s decition to rescind her organ donar status. For someone who advocates so heavily to save the lives of animals, she should show some humanity to a human in need as well.

Kadie plays off the similarities between humans and animals as a tactic to promote veganism. If we are all so similar, and if you one day would have the power to save a human life, why wouldn’t you Kadie?

I respect Kadies decition and am in no way shaming her for her choice. I just had to point out the hypocrisy!

I wholeheartedly support anyone who decides to be vegan. I support anyone who is trying to provide information that would benefit people.

My only issue begins when a line is crossed. That line, I have determined, was crossed when she claimed that anyone who is not vegan is inferior. Her slogan

‘be vegan be better’

promotes a ‘holier than thou’ complex where vegans are allowed to occupy a moral high ground above everyone else. Even vegetarians!


Where I and Kadie do agree is that we both believe that animals need to be cared for and treated ethically.

Overall, Kadie is a powerful voice as she feels so passionately for her cause,. Her voice is truly infectious and one to be reckoned with even — if I don’t always agree with her tactics!

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